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Shamokin' Hot

Now it's time for the fifth and final installment of my Journey up the Schuylkill! This time, we'll be looking mainly at Anthra Plaza Shopping Center in Shamokin, as well as a few other miscellaneous stores in the area. A&P/Boyer's/Save-A-Lot/Dollar General, Mt. Carmel, PA
For the number of times this place has changed hands, I'm amazed the exterior has been preserved so well. I can't find when it closed, but I would assume it was the early 80's. As far as I'm aware, it did not reopen as a SuperFresh. Regional supermarket chain Boyer's moved in not long after. They relocated to the town's former ACME in 1997 (Like the one we saw last week, it was sold to Bi-Lo who didn't last long), and this then became a short-lived Save-A-Lot. Dollar General has been here since the early 2000's.
Turkey Hill, Mt. Carmel, PA
This looks like an 80's location, meaning the gas station was likely an Amoco originally. It was built in the parking lot of t…

Ames-lessly Wandering

Hey folks! Welcome back to Journey up the Schuylkill: Part 4! Today, we're going to be taking a look at two of northern Pennsylvania's most famous abandoned landmarks. First up we've got what's probably the unluckiest town in the world, followed by the kind of shopping center that us retail geeks dream of.
Centralia, PA
This town, which currently has an estimated population of 5, was once one of the many coal mining towns in the area. While many towns have experienced a population decline as the industry went away, none have been nearly as dramatic as Centralia's. You can blame that on the fact that the land the town sits on has been burning continuously since 1962. There's some debate as to how it started, but the commonly accepted theory is that when they burned the town landfill to clean it out, it ignited a massive coal seam that went under the entire town. It burned slowly but steadily, causing sinkholes and releasing gases. Somehow, it took until 1979 fo…