Fresh off the Press

Oregon Trail

 We were in South Philly last post, but I couldn't stay away. This time, we're headed back to check out what's along Oregon Avenue, which is home to a large number of South Philly's big box stores. Then, we're gonna finish off with a Stour of the ACME down there. Marianne, Midtown Village, Philadelphia, PA This building was originally home to a Marianne store, which was at one point in time was a major clothing chain. They appear to only exist in Puerto Rico now. Their impala relief remains intact here. I'm not sure when this closed, but for the past several years this was home to a luxury furniture showroom. That closed during the lockdowns, but work is now underway to turn this into a restaurant.  Rite Aid/PLCB, Midtown Village Rite Aid opened in this building in the 70's, and relocated to Market Street in the 90's. The PLCB then took it over and converted it to a Wine & Spirits store. That too relocated in 2016 to a new building a few blocks down